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West Coast Solutions specializes in expeditionary and scavenging power technologies, including the development of custom batteries and the integration of complex solar and hybrid systems.

A few examples of our recent work are provided below:

Lightweight Expeditionary Power System (LEPS)

To meet the US Marine Corps next generation expeditionary power needs, West Coast Solutions has developed LEPS. Having evolved from earlier Small Business Innovative Research programs, WCS is presently maturing LEPS to TRL 8 with the first system delivered to USMC and the TRL 8 test program now underway. LEPS provides a 2X SWaP improvement over the current art by virtue of the underlying next generation patented battery and power electronics technologies. LEPS is modular, scalable and reconfigurable to meet a wide range of sizes and applications.

  • Solar Input:  4 channels (500W each), 18 – 70 V with built-in MPPT optimization
  • AC Input:  1200 W, 85 – 264 Vrms, 47 – 63 Hz
  • DC Input:  1200 W, 22 – 35 V
  • DC Output:  1200 W @ regulated 28 V
  • Energy Storage: 288 0 to 3000 W-hr total across two integral battery cores
  • Modular and scalable hybrid power system from 1 to 10 kW
  • Designed for operational simplicity and robustness
  • WCS Proprietary “Dual Bus” for No Drop Outs
  • Supports NATO/DC, AC, Solar, and other alternative sources
  • Incorporates custom high energy density, intrinsically safe lithium-ion battery cells

Lightweight Expeditionary Power System (LEPS)

WCS first LEPS Deliverable

WCS Expeditionary Battery (WEB)

WEB technology comprises the battery core of LEPS. WEB, also developed on a USMC SBIR, is a collaboration with American Lithium Energy, who provides a high-energy density lithium-polymer cell with their patented SafeCore™ , which is essentially an internal fuse to prevent thermal runaway. WEB is ideal where both Energy and Safety are priorities.

  • Standalone battery with BMS
  • Implementable in a hardened environmental case, if desired
  • High energy density AND intrinsically safe
  • 1.5 kWh @ 20 kg (150 Wh/kg)
  • Up to 0.8C (1.2 kW) discharge
  • Cycle life > 3000 @ 0.2C charge and discharge
  • Li-ion cells feature patented SafeCore™ for intrinsic safety
Standalone 3 kWh Battery w/ BMS

Battlefield Airman Battery

WCS was the design and integration lead on the battery packaging effort for an Air Force Phase III SBIR subcontract to American Lithium Energy. Our focus was on thermal management to meet the aggressive 450W @ 65°C discharge requirement. WCS designed and implemented an extremely compact package that contains enough phase change material to meet requirements.

  • Compact, thermally efficient packaging for a high-power battery
  • Custom 18650 cells from ALE packaged into 9S2P format by WCS
  • Utilizes solid-liquid phase change material
  • Support 450W discharge up to 65°C baseplate temperature

Battlefield Airman Battery Prototype

BAB Key Components

Ultra-Compact Uninterruptible Power Supply (U-CUPS)

West Coast Solutions developed the Ultra-Compact Uninterruptible Power Supply (U-CUPS) concept on internally-funded R&D to address the battery and power needs of disaster relief applications where first responders may be using commercial aircraft for transport. A typical use case is setting up a portable antenna system in a region stricken by natural disaster. U-CUPS is a miniaturized implementation of U-LEPS, leveraging the key underlying No Drop Out technology.

  • Based on the FAA-compatible 98 Wh BB-2557/U battery
  • Robust, compact power hub featuring WCS-proprietary “dual voltage bus” architecture
  • User-friendly hot swap capability.
  • IP-67 packaging and cables
  • U-CUPS design optimized for portable antenna systems and other disaster relief powered electronics
U-CUPS System
BB-2557 in Environmental Case
U-CUPS Controller

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