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West Coast Solutions (WCS) has been recognized by Aerospace & Defense Review as a Top 10 Space Tech Solutions Provider for 2021.

Aerospace & Defense Review is a recognized media outlet bringing news, trends, insider perspectives, and key analysis of current business and technology issues facing the Aerospace and Defense business sectors. WCS was named one of their Top 10 Space Tech Solutions Providers for 2021. The selection process was based on the company’s offerings, core competency, news/press releases, client testimonials, milestones, and other recognition. The other nine companies to receive the award this year are: Advanced Rockets Corporation, Dassault Systemes, Hyper Giant, Paragon Space Development Corporation, RKF Engineering Solutions, SpaceFAB, Emcore, Mynaric, and Northrup Grumman.  To learn more about the award and the companies that were selected, see here:

Hybrid Battery Supercapacitor (HBS)

Hybrid Battery Supercapacitor (HBS)

“We are honored and proud to have been selected for this award,” says Carl Kirkconnell, President of WCS. “We are gaining traction in all of our key technologies, and it is rewarding for all of us here at WCS to see this work being recognized. We believe our SmallSat Cryocooler Electronics and Hybrid Battery technologies are game changers, and as we are watching these technologies be more widely adopted and deployed, that belief is becoming objective reality.”

To read the article in Aerospace & Defense Review about WCS, please use the following link:

WCS is a multidisciplinary team of experienced aerospace and defense professionals committed to solving technical problems concerning cryogenics, space electronics, and expeditionary power. Their extensive body of work include many successful Department of Defense, space, civil research, and commercial programs. The company is 6 years old and serves its customers from their recently expanded facility in Huntington Beach, CA.